Everyday tales and stories from the border regions of Europe and beyond, with the aim of explaining why we border-crossers are as obsessed as we are about this subject, why it is important to all of us, and why the co-operation community needs a little bit more visibility than it normally gets.

Friday, 10 August 2007

Welcome to the cross-border party

Thanks for joining me on this blog which keeps an eye on all things to do with cross-border co-operation. This is a fascinating subject, with lots of programmes and projects on-going - in Europe and throughout the world - helping people living on either side of national dividing lines to come together and to work to meet common challenges and to defeat common problems.
The idea of the blog is to try and give a flavour of what is happening out there, with stories, links and examples from the cross-border world.
All feedback is gratefully received!

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hidden europe said...

Hi BorderCrosser. This seemed like such a very good blog. Please come back!