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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

We have a winner!

The INTERREG IV C interregional programme was approved today (11 September). It is thus the first of the new territorial co-operation programmes to be approved - congratulations to those who chose "other programme" in this blog's poll to predict the first programme approved.

The IV C programme has very sensibly kept the "INTERREG" brand in the programme title as it's much better known and much easier to say than European Territorial Co-operation. They do not appear to have a website set up yet, although there is some info on the preceding programme's website (www.interreg3c.net/web/fic_en). The website www.interreg4c.eu is "reserved" which might be worth watching.

Watch out for the programme's big launch conference in Lisbon next week and for a rapid launch of the call for projects. The new funding period is up and running!

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Anonymous said...

After your earlier comments on whether actually getting approved is the main achievement, I would like to suggest another unmissable deadline: The launch of the first call for proposals.

I see that INTERREG North Sea has jumped in and launched its first call before approval (call opened Monday 17 September).