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Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Transnational rapidity

It has been interesting to see that the transnational programmes - normally considered more complicated than cross-border programmes - have made much quicker progress towards approval. Already more than half the transnational programmes are already approved.

Check out the following programmes: Alpine Space (www.alpinespace.org/2007-20130.html), Atlantic Space (www.coop-atlantico.com/fr/programa.php - new website!), North-West Europe (www.nweurope.org/), South-West Europe (www.interreg-sudoe.org/castellano/index.asp), North Sea (www.northsearegion.eu/ivb/home/), Northern Periphery (www.northernperiphery.net/2007/) and Madeira-Azores-Canaries (www.interreg-mac.org/es/znuevomacweb.jsp).

To note that North-West Europe and the North Sea have already launched calls for projects. Time to get busy.

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